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Marketing Wholesale Trading

LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery involve in sales of gas and oil products in the domestic and international markets, optimally distributing flows depending on the market conditions. The commodity balance reflects the main commodity flows for oil (production, processing, purchases and sales) and refined products of oil and gas (production at own refineries and GPP and third-party refineries, sales, purchases for sale, excluding purchases for processing and excluding the volume of petroleum products for processing) and petrochemicals (production and sales) of the Group, excluding dependent companies, own consumption for fuel and operational and the sums of outgoing and incoming streams may differ due to rounding.

Within the framework of Russian Federation on trade and economic cooperation to export oil and oil products and by methodology of counter oil supply of petroleum products. On some issues of oil and oil products delivery, the Company has been determined as operator on counter oil sales and supplies to CIS countries within and outside Russian Federation. In order to execute resolution, the Company sold large tons/barrels of crude oil.

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At LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery, we also known as Downstream, encompasses companies engaged at manufacturing, refining and marketing petroleum products. Refine chemically process, transport and sell refined products made from crude oil. Essentially, refining operations transform crude oil into functional products such as gasoline, fuel oils, and petroleum-based products; with the majority involving transportation fuels.

As the world became more dependent on oil, oil prices became a matter of political and global economic importance. LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery set crude oil prices, until control shifted in the oil exporting countries. Price forecasting became important at LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery after a series of oil price hikes turned into oil crises. Price benchmarks are used at LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery to give buyers a way to value the commodity based on quality.

We’re in business to build relationships. That’s why we eliminated service-line. Our capabilities and services are structured organically, around client relationships, not business units. Our project teams often include thought leaders who are not directly involved in revenue production in order to eliminate internal conflicts to reaching the best solution in marketing wholesale trading.

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  • 295023, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol city, Nosenko street, house 10
  • +7 (495)-208-1685
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