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Petroleum Refining Services

With LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery, oil refine are crucial in the process of producing different types of petroleum products, including heating oil and gasoline. Refine facilities include miles of machinery and piping which must also be maintained and inspected in a regular basis in order to deter accidents caused by corrosion, wear, and tear. At LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery, we provide comprehensive and exceptional quality refined petroleum product services to customers international and domestically with the supports of the laboratory testing oil refine for clients the entire range of petroleum refining activities inspection services, infrastructure integrity, and other expertise.

Our refine services business is a leading global partner to the oil refining and natural gas production industries providing solutions to extract and manage petrochemical products.


Engineering resources

Serving the refining, petroleum, natural gas processing and petrochemical industries, LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery engineering resources provide expertise on a wide range of projects under limited time constraints to gives full range of production petroleum. Regardless of the project challenges, LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery is a results-oriented company offering enhanced efficiencies and optimization of processes and supplies the foundation for many finished products used every day throughout the world by managing.

REFINING Services Operating

At LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery, we operate maximize the value of finished products with services that deliver upgrade opportunities, improved quality assurance, and production cost savings. Safely and reliably process multiple types of crude and blends at higher rates for increased productivity and margins.

Maintain high-level performance and maximize LLC NEFTEGAZBEZOPASNOST Refinery, flexibility, and profitability under steady-state operations and maximize the availability of your assets by anticipating and preventing the conditions that could cause failures, downtime, and unplanned facility shutdowns.

Minimize your operating risks to people and your plant surroundings with automated programs and technologies that promote quality, safety, and environmental compliance. Let’s work together to develop a refinery services strategy that boosts your plant’s energy efficiency, reduces emissions, and lowers overall maintenance costs.

Our teams are trained and experienced in shutdown support, particularly confined space entry, rescue and high pressure water jetting. Our technology has also been used for cleaning cooling tower basins during major shutdowns.p>

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  • 295023, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol city, Nosenko street, house 10
  • +7 (495)-208-1685
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